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Best Boost for My Wifi Signal

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Best Boost for My Wifi Signal

If your wifi signal seems to be weak, there are several ways to boost it.
You can check your speed after each of the changes you make to see how it is affecting your upload and download speed.  The site I use to check my home speed is testmy.net.  There are hundreds of sites that do the exact same thing.
1. A super simple DIY fix is to set up a little boosting device of your own that doesn't damage or void an warranties on your equipment.  Although it may not be the most asthetically pleasing look, it has been proven to work every time.  Here are a few sites that walk you through exactly how to do this.
2. Get a bigger antenna. First make sure the antenna on your router can be removed so another can be attached.  Then, simply search for a wifi antenna on the web.  
3. Get a Wifi signal repeater.  These work much like a large antenna, but seem to be more effective.  The reasoning is behind the functionality.  A Wifi Repeater is like two routers in one.  The first router picks up the signal from your router, then it passes it to the second router which boosts the signal to be stronger and go further.
4. Move your equipment.  This seems obvious, but moving it to a more central location in the home can sometimes make a dramatic difference.  It is common to have week signals as you move further away from the router.  Also, you could mount the router up higher rather than having it behind a couch or on the floor. Move it away from metal shelves and filing cabinets. Also, move it away from Microwaves and cordless phones.
5. If your next door neighbor is close by, you'll want to move your router away from that side of the house.  Also, make sure you are using a different channel.  Most routers come with 11 channels and automatically use channel 6 unless you tell it otherwise.
6. Look online for updates to your specific router's firmware


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