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Block pop ups! They are the internet equivalent of mosquitos

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Block pop ups! They are the internet equivalent of mosquitos

What does fishing have to do with pop ups? I’m glad you asked.  I went to a beautiful, calm wooded setting. It was early morning, the temperature was 72 and the sun was golden. We were overlooking a placid, mirror topped lake and could see an eagle touch down, grab a fish and glide away as the water rippled out in a perfect sphere.

Then a mosquito bit me, and another, and another.  They were swarming.  There must have been a million etc…We left with out ever casting our lines out 1 time.

Mosquitos are are natures pop ups and vice versa.

I’m not sure the best way to get rid of mosquitos, but here’s how to get rid of pop ups: Easy as 1-2-3

1. Enable popup blocking from within your browser
     A. Internet Explorer
          i. click Tools
          ii. click Options
          iii. click Privacy and check "Block pop-ups” box
     B. Google Chrome
          i. click Chrome Menu
          ii. click Settings
          iii. Show Advanced Settings
          iv. click Content settings
          v. check the box "Do not allow any site to show pop-
     C. Safari
          i. click Safari Preferences
          ii. click Security
          iii. click "Block pop-up windows"
     D. Firefox
          i. click Firefox preferences
          ii. click Content
          iii. click "Block pop-up windows"
2. Use software to block pop-ups
           i. Get a free one
           ii. Adfender (free)
           iii. Smart Popup Blocker (free)
           iv. Popup Free (free)
           v. Ad arrest Popup Killer (free)
3. Increase your Internet Privacy on your computer
          i. Windows-click Start and go to Control Panel
          ii. click Internet Options
          iii. click Privacy
          iv. click Settings
          v. You will see Blocking Level-change to High: Block 
              all pop-ups
          vi. click Apply

*If you made these changes and you are still seeing pop-ups, it is likely that your computer is hijacked with malware.  
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