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Change this right away if you have Windows 10

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Change this right away if you have Windows 10

Protect Your Privacy:

Immediately change these 3 settings when you download Windows 10


When you download Windows 10, there are a bunch of privacy settings that you are going to want to change to protect yourself and your identity.


1.    By now, you must be aware that Microsoft sends your data to advertisers so they know how to market to you.  Hide what you are doing. How? Go to Start>Settings>Privacy. From Privacy, go to "General” and change "Let apps use my advertising ID” so it is OFF.  This will prevent advertisers from getting your ID when you visit pages.


Also, I would turn off, "Send Microsoft info about how I write.”


2.    Back at the Privacy screen, go to the "location” area.  Windows is constantly tracking your location and this is a little too "Big Brother” for me.  You may have certain apps that you want to use your location, like maps. However, most of us don’t use our laptops and computers for maps, so I recommend telling Windows to stop tracking your location completely.

3.    Cortana is the app that acts as a digital personal assistant.  It constantly learning and storing information about where you go both on the net and physically.  It tracks your calendar, contacts and other personal things. I recommend turning Cortana off.  Click the magnifying glass icon in the taskbar and then click the gear icon.


In Settings, switch Cortana to "Off.”



Now that you have those three "Biggies” taken care of, go through your Privacy settings and make sure you are happy with how your info is being handled. How?

Go to Start> Settings> Privacy


You will see Feedback, Calendar, Contacts, Location and General.  Look through these and change what you don’t like.


Hope that helps!



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