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Computer Protection: Don’t get caught with your computer’s pants down

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Computer Protection: Don’t get caught with your computer’s pants down

There are a few key elements that you need today to protect your computer, files, identity and security.  Here’s the skinny.

Antivirus-  There are new viruses being created every day and they are designed to do anything from put a harmless picture on your computer to completely shutting you down for good.  Choosing the right antivirus software is the first step.  After analyzing the top 5 Antivirus softwares on the market, we have chosen Webroot as a partner with WickedEasyFix.com.  
We could have worked with any antivirus out there as they all wanted to increase their brand awareness.  We chose Webroot for three main reasons. 

1. It is the only cloud based Antivirus- This means the very moment a new threat comes to the market, they upload it on their system and it is automatically protecting every computer using Webroot.  The individual computer does not need to download each new threat and store it.  This frees up a lot of space on your computer.

2. Small resource foot print-  This means, it uses a small amount of your computers processing ability to run the program. Think of it as constantly spraying your computer with antibiotics keeping your system free from infections.

3. Quick upload and ease of use- This is, by far, the easiest antivirus to use.  It downloads in seconds because it loads the smallest program of any antivirus onto your system.  All its moving parts are stored on the internet so your system can remain free, clear and high functioning.

Data Backup- Every computer eventually fails.  Once you understand that, you will also understand that anything important on your computer will eventually be lost unless you back it up.  Your choices for back up are to do it your self on a separate device that you keep at your home or office or set up a web based program to automatically do it for you.

The obvious answer here is to set up an automatic program to do it for you. Why?
1. You never need to remember it.
2. The data is stored away from your computer location, incase of fire damage.
3. It is automatic and always up to date keeping your info safe
If you have ever lost important files, pictures or family videos, you can surely relate.

At WickedEasyFix.com we chose Mozy because it is military grade backup with the best safety encryption available today.  

Together, Mozy and Webroot have the firm base on which you can rest your computer files and identity safety.  

The last piece of the puzzle- The last piece of the puzzle is your trusted computer support.  Let’s face it.  Computers are getting more and more complex and they are communicating more with appliances in the home like thermostats, door locks, lights etc…  Even if you never use the new appliances in your home, the complexity of computer is growing.  

You need to work with one computer support company that maintains a history of your computer and various issues/concerns.  Jumping from one support company to your friends cousin and then to a big box solution leaves no trail for easy fixes and knowledge of your specific history.

We have put these pieces together in a simple package that gives you the best of the best.

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