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Computer Repair Vs. Computer Support

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Computer Repair Vs. Computer Support

Are you looking for computer support or computer repair help? There is a big difference.  Ultimately, you want a computer support service. Hopefully, you will understand my thinking below.

The first question to ask yourself is, "Do I want to fix this same problem over and over again with a different company each time, or do I want one go-to company that handles all my issues?”  Of course the answer to that question is one go-to company.

You want someone who knows your computer’s unique history and past issues to save you time and money.

Think of your computer and tech devices like your pet beagle. (replace beagle with cat,rabbit, horse, turtle etc…)  I know that sounds silly, but stick with me for a minute through this next scenario.

Bob: My dog(computer) seems to be running slow.
Vet: When is the last time you had him checked?
Bob: Well, he’s new
Vet: Talk about new
Bob: I’ve only had him for 3 years.
Vet: You didn’t bring him in for check ups? (system scans)
Bob: No
Vet: Why not?
Bob: It’s too expensive.  You charge $59 dollars for just a 15 minute check up.  If I do that 3 times  a year, it’ll cost me an arm and leg.
Vet: Well now you need a new dog
Bob: WHAT? I’ve invested so much time getting to know this dog and I don’t want to start over again.  Plus, I love him, and he cost me $1000 dollars.
Vet: Well, we could fix him but now it will be fairly expensive because he has developed a heart problem.
Bob: How?
Vet: Well, you have been feeding him a poor diet (files, downloads) and he contracted a virus from it and he also has worms.  This has affected his heart (hard drive) and I’ll need to do surgery.
Bob: How much will that cost?
Vet: Roughly 3k
Bob: Great, there goes my trip to Disney.

Moral: Get your computer checked regularly by a company that you trust and maintains records of your computer’s(dog’s) history.

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