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Connect to your kids on Facebook while they're young

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Connect to your kids on Facebook while they're young

 Connect to your kids on Facebook while they're young

70 % of people age 45 and older, who use the internet, have at least one social media account.  Most of these are Facebook and most of these people say Facebook is a great way to stay in touch.

Get connected to your kids.  Most kids age 13 or 14 years old will friend their parents first because they are looking for anyone to friend and grow their friend list.  That’s good because as they get older they are less likely to friend their parents before their parents friend them.


By the time these kids are in there 20’s, only 40% friend their parents first.  I’m not sure what that means, other than it’s easier to get on their list when they’re younger.

I remember when my daughter was a little girl, she couldn’t wait to run to daddy.  Even though I was stuck playing with Barbie’s, any excuse to spend time with her was just awesome.  As she got older I somehow lost all my cool and count it as a "win” just the fact that she hasn’t unfriended me! (as of the date of this article)

I think grandparents tend to feel the same way.  They are looking for ways to stay included in their family’s lives.  According to the AARP, the fastest growing number of new social media users are age 50 to 64.


We are all looking for ways to stay connected with our families. Here are the most common words that mothers and fathers say to their daughters on Facebook.



Love you

My beautiful daughter

I’m so proud

All my heart

Your daddy

 …and here’s what they say to their sons:


 Call me

Good luck

Proud of you

I love you

Well done

Happy birthday




What things do you say to your kids?

Kids say "If it weren't for Facebook and email, I would probably not talk to my grandparents and other relatives much at all.”

So, why not use Face book to get that family back together in person again?  Here is a great step-by-step about how to do just that. Reunion

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