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Do you want an Apple TV?

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Do you want an Apple TV?

Apple has said for a while that the current TV experience, "Sucks."
They feel they can create a better experience.  

The word is that this new Apple TV experience is coming this summer and although the actual cost hasn’t been release. How? By releasing a new Apple TV box.   But that’s not all.  They are also making a play for an internet service to go along with it. We estimate the base cost for the service will be around forty bucks a month, but that is not including other things like HBO, Showtime, Netflicks etc… Will it be worth it.

That’s a lot cheaper than my current service with Direct TV, but will it have all the channels?  Buzz Feed says it’s not just a "Play for a stake of the streaming TV market, but for the mythical digital living room. Think TV, Music, apps and a little bit of home automation as well."

For quite some time now support companies such as Support.com have been gearing up for the smart home, where more and more devices are connected in the home.  Apple seams to be making a move in this direction. Websites like smart home.com are betting big on home automation with products like Central Controllers, lights, appliances, security, cameras, door locks, thermostats and more and more products that are coming on the market daily.

But, I digress.  Back to the Apple TV.  They haven’t released an upgrade to the Apple TV since 2012 and now that they are adding the leap to internet service, we are understanding that their vision, as usual, is pretty big.

Only time will tell.

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