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Gadget Myths You Need to Know

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Gadget Myths You Need to Know

Gadget Myths You Need to Know


A bigger hard drive is better

Most people never use all the space on their hard drive, but more importantly, a faster computer is much more enjoyable.  So, if you are looking at a conventional 1TB hard drive or a 256 gigabyte solid-state, go with the solid-state.  It is much faster.


I can completely wipe data off my computer

When you delete a file from your computer, the file is actually still there.  It is waiting to be overwritten when your computer needs the space where it is located.  Today’s solid-state drives are even harder to remove all the data.  Something can always be missed even when you buy a program designed to wipe them clean.  So, sell these only if you know there isn’t anything important on them.


You need to shut down your computer at night

Definitely not.  Computer parts last just as long today regardless if they are shut down or not nightly.  Also, most backups and updates can be scheduled at night when you aren’t in front of your computer. 


I need to let my gadget batteries drain to zero before recharging

That was true with older batteries.  Those were Nickel-Cadmium batteries.  All modern gadgets use Lithium-ion batteries.  Actually, L-ion batteries last longer if you don’t let them drain all the way down.  Keep them between 40%-80%.  These batteries have a sensor in them that continually shows the actual charge % remaining in the battery. 

Every 3-4 months let the battery run down to the serious battery warning and then charge it all the way back to full.  This will reset the sensor to accurately show your battery %.


*This is different from calibrating your battery for maximum performance.  Check out THIS LINK if you want to know that.


You shouldn’t charge your gadget over night

No worries. Today’s electronics automatically stop charging before your battery overcharges.


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