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Insurmountable knowledge, patience, and skill.
Emmalee S. - 6/2/2015

Don at WickedEasyFix was a delight to work with. The phrase, "customer service," hardly scratches the surface in terms of what the technicians at WickedEasyFix offer their clients. I can personally attest to their insurmountable knowledge, patience, and skill.

The issue with my computer was not one that would normally be so quickly and diligently repaired. I work for a digital marketing company, so my computer IS my job. Fortunately, Don was so adamant about making me a priority, that my issues were taken care of in no time. He along with the other technicians are happy to articulate technical lingo in a manner that is totally relatable to even the most non-tech savy customer.

In no rush to convince me my problem was resolved, Don made sure I understood the procedures taken, could explore the improvements myself, and knew a plethora of other WickedEasy services of which I could take advantage.

This U.S. based company offers unlimited support options. WickedEasyFix can work with any system (Linux, Windows, Mac, and more). The company is not limited to working with computers, its versatility lends it to be skilled in working with smart phones and tablets as well. The vast network of vendors are well-versed on a wide variety of software upgrades. We all know how dire it is to have a reliable back-up plan for our devices; WickedEasy offers unlimited back-up plans in addition to setting up unlimited Cloud storage. There are multiple anti-virus packages from which to choose, and customers may call at anytime to make sure their device is protected and running smoothly. The quality of both service and product is unbeatable.


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