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Is Facebook using your data?

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Is Facebook using your data?

Is Facebook using your data?


FB is a great social media tool and I use it everyday. They are smart and continue to grow as trends change.


You may have noticed that videos are becoming more popular.  They are the big focus for 2015 for many reasons.  Facebook has noticed how much revenue and traction they are missing by letting YouTube have all the video fun so they have made it simple and enticing to place your video directly on Facebook.


They are also handling this video differently.  It immediately starts playing.  This video uses A LOT of data and cost you A LOT of money.  Watch out, because Twitter is rolling this out too. 

You will want to shut off the auto play video feature so that it only plays when you are connected to Wi-Fi.  This will save your data for things that you decide you want to use it for.

How to this?

Android:Open Facebook>go to settings> Change "Videos Auto-play” to OFF or set it to Wi-Fi only.


IOS: Go to Settings first> then open Facebook and select Settings.  Under "Video” tap auto-play, then you can choose OFF or Wi-Fi only.


Keep in mind that videos and photos take up a lot more data than text.  So, if friends are sending you videos and pictures through text, open them when you are connected to Wi-Fi.  Or, tell your friends to knock it off!

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