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Mobile Malware is targeting your phone

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Mobile Malware is targeting your phone

Mobile Malware infected 300% more phones in Quarter Two 2015



Let’s remember that criminals go where the action is, and since many people are getting smarter with laptop and desktop security, mobile phones have become a major target.  At least 290,000 new malware programs have been identified just in the second quarter of 2015.


What are they after?  The biggest target is mobile banking.  Many of these programs are trying to steal the user’s login credentials.


How do I protect myself?


First, understand that 1 out of 4 computers and mobile devices are attacked by malware every three months.  This means that the chance of your devices being attacked this year are close to 100%.  You just need to make sure you know what to avoid and how to be careful.

1.  Applications and games are frequent distributors of malware.  Consider the source it came from.  If the application/game is asking for more than it needs to do it’s job, don’t install it.

2.  Don’t connect to your online bank or send private data when you are using insecure Wi-Fi.  For example: Free Wi-Fi at the airport, fast food restaurant etc…

3.  Don’t jailbreak your phone.  This is pretty common with techie people. They do it to remove the limitations of an operating system so the user can gain full access to the operating system and features.  The problem with this is that it also breaks the security system on the device and opens it to malware.

4.  Set a strong password on your device and on the sim card as many phones are lost and stolen each year.

5.  The risk of malware is highest on Android devices. Make sure your Android devices are protected by anti-malware software. You can not currently purchase anti-malware for iOS or Blackberry devices.  They are a much more difficult target and criminals are focussing on the low hanging fruit, namely Android.

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