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My Computer Speed

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My Computer Speed

I know why youre here.  You are wondering one of two things.  Either why is my computer running slower than it used to or, how do I keep my computer from slowing down like my old computer did?

The three main things that affect the speed of your computer are:
1. Fragmented files- Think of this like a messy garage.  If its not organized, you need to look around to find that screw driver, wrench, tape, etc...

2. Random Access Memory (RAM)- This is the area on your computer where a bunch of info is held for quick access.  Think of this like having all your tools spread out on the living room floor neatly right in front of you.  If someone says, "pick up the hammer, you look at it and pick it up.  You dont need to go down stairs and look around first.  Its right there in front of you.

3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)-  This is the brain of your computer.  It handles all the instructions and tells things what to do. The faster it does this, the better.

So, now that you know this information.  Heres how it will help.  

  • Next lets look at your RAM.  If you typically run several programs and files at the same time, which is very common, you want more and faster RAM.  Newer programs contain more information, so your old computer may not have enough RAM to run things as fast as it used to.  Think of it like this:

Random Access means your computer can go directly to any random data that is requested, as opposed to having to go through everything in order until it finds what you are requesting.  Information that is stored as RAM can be pulled up super quick.

Unless youre playing a lot of games 4GB of RAM is plenty. But, keep in mind that many of todays laptops are not upgradable, so get the 8GB if you figure youll have it for a number of years.

  • Finally, lets look at your CPU.  The bottom line here is, more is better.
But, with that in mind, you might say, "My computer has slowed down a lot in just one year.  If that is the case, then it probably isnt your CPU that is causing the issue.  Follow our recipe for speeding up your computer here: http://wickedeasyfix.com/blog/Why-is-my-Dell-computer-so-slow
    If you still have questions or just want a pro to take care of it at a very low cost, call us or chat with us at www.wickedeasyfix.com  888-285-9195

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