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Pirates that are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 won't get a free license

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Pirates that are planning to upgrade to Windows 10 won't get a free license

One story that was circulating a couple of days ago claimed that Microsoft would be giving pirates of their operating system a free upgrade to Windows 10. The news seemed a little strange at the time, considering Microsoft's stance on piracy.

Microsoft has clarified that people who are using a pirated copy of Windows will be able to upgrade to Windows 10.

However, their Windows license will remain invalid after the upgrade process is complete, meaning they won't be getting a "free" upgrade to Windows 10.

This will likely mean that non-genuine users will be subject to the anti-piracy countermeasures after the upgrade to Windows 10,  In current versions of Windows, Microsoft prevents users from customizing their install or using certain features if it detects a non-genuine copy, unless a crack has been installed.

While users running pirated Windows will still be running pirated Windows after the upgrade to Windows 10, the company is still planning to "re-engage" pirates by making the upgrade path straight-forward. This could help in getting users in heavy piracy regions, such as China, running the same OS as the rest of the world, which in turn could result in higher usage of Microsoft's other services such as Office 365, OneDrive and Bing.


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