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Securing your Web Browser. (a.k.a. keep the door closed!)

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Securing your Web Browser.  (a.k.a. keep the door closed!)


Today’s web browsers installed on new computers usually don’t have secure default settings. Securing your browser is another very important step in improving your computer’s security because an increasing number of attacks that take advantage of web browsers.


         Before you start surfing the internet, secure your browser by doing the following.

1.)   Disable mobile code (that is, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and ActiveX) on websites you’re not familiar with, or don’t trust. While disabling these types of code on all sites will significantly reduce your risk of being attacked, the websites you visit may sometimes not function as they normally would do.

2.)    Disable options to always set cookies. A cookie is a file placed on your computer that stores website data. Attackers may be able to log onto a site you’ve visited by accessing the cookie with your login information. To keep that from happening, configure the browser to ask for permission before setting a cookie, and allow cookies for sessions only, also disable features that keep you logged in to a site or that retain information you’ve entered, such as text you type into forms and the search bar.


If you’re using Internet Explorer, set the security levels for trusted sites (websites you most often visit and trust) to the second highest level. At the highest level, websites probably will not function properly.


If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, than learn how to adjust these settings for the browser that you currently use.


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