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Self-Driving Car Race

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Self-Driving Car Race

The self-driving car race


Well, not actually a self driving car race.  More like a race to be the king of the self-driving car manufacturers.


A bunch of big car makers have been renting space at an old naval base northeast of San Francisco.  This space, in Concord California, is the home of GoMentum Station.  It’s attractive as an auto test site because it’s huge, it has a diverse landscape, railroad tracks, faded lines, and tunnels.  Just a big playground for cars.


What are they up to?

There are four big names using the site or talking about using it.  These are Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Apple. (yup, Apple)


Apple has been pretty secretive as usual and they haven’t given any official confirmations as to what they are working on but all the facts are pointing toward their own self driving car.

They have hired Johann Jungwirth who was the former CEO of Mercedes North American Research and Development.

Apple has also been in talks with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla.  Some say Apple is trying to buy Tesla but Elon says he’s not selling.

We are expecting Apple to create a sleek, all electric car that will go into production by 2020.

It will probably have fingerprint access, all iphone connectivity, great displays and some say a 300 mile range with up to 200hp.



Honda already has a prototype out with automatic signals and lane changing.  Eric Blumberg, Honda’s senior engineer, says it is not driverless.  The driver needs to be present to guide and operate.  Honda has been working on a prototype for over a year in Japan and one of the cool features they have developed is called "Virtual Tow”.  This allows one car to lead another in case of a heart attack, other medical issue or other applications.


Mercedes’ first prototype is test driving now.  Check out This Link to see its sleek design.  It is reportedly an overall underwhelming experience with admittedly very advanced technology. One rider said it was kind of like riding the monorail at Disney World.


Tesla has announced a self driving autopilot which will work with its Model S but only on the highway for now.


A lot of cool technology in our future for transportation.  Just think, instead of getting frustrated waiting for traffic to move, you might find yourself not caring because you are finishing up some work before you get home, watching a Netflix episode, playing a new game, meditating etc… 

Maybe the next big market will be "Things you can do in your car”.

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