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Software updates. Do you really need to do them?

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Software updates.  Do you really need to do them?


Software writers release updates to patch or fix vulnerabilities, flaws, and weaknesses (bugs) in their software.


Because intruders can exploit these bugs to attack your computer, keeping your software updated is important to help prevent infection.

One of the ways Conficker (a very nasty and destructive virus) attacked computers was by exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows systems. Microsoft provided an update for this vulnerability. If people would have applied the update in a timely manner, they would have eliminated the opportunity for Conficker to infect their computers through this vulnerability and helped reduce the spread of further Conficker infections across the Internet.


If you're setting up a new computer, go to your software vendors’ websites and check for software updates. Install all of the available updates. Then make sure you enable automatic updates if your vendors offer it. That will ensure your software is always updated, and you won’t have to remember to do it yourself.
Many operating systems and software have options for automatic updates. As you’re setting up your new computer, be sure to enable these options if they are offered. Be cautious, however, because intruders can set up malicious websites that look nearly identical to legitimate sites. Only download software updates directly from a vendor’s website, from a reputable source.
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