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The Top four things you need to know about Facebook

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The Top four things you need to know about Facebook


The Top four things you need to know about Facebook 

I was in a restaurant yesterday and there was a family next to us.  The father, Mother and daughter all had their iPhones out and they were with each other physically but miles away emotionally.

That is not a way to connect with family through the Internet, obviously.  However, there are some great tools that you can use to truly enrich your family. Here are a few tips for Facebook.

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 Let’s talk about Facebook.

 Facebook has grown and changed as it has matured.  It has made it super easy to for Grandma and Grandpa to stay in touch and to see pictures and now videos of their family. 

1.    If you don’t want videos to auto playespecially if they are all just of cats chasing nothing, using the Android mobile app you simply go to Settings, App settings, scroll down to Video AutoPlay and choose either Wi-Fi only or Off. To do the same with iOS you'll need to open the device's Settings menu (rather than the Facebook settings), then scroll down and choose Facebook. Choose Settings. Under Video select Auto-play, then choose either Wi-Fi only or Off.

2.    If you just got another request to play Candy Crush Saga, you may be looking for the nearest rooftop.  Instead, you can block any of these irritating apps.  Just click the downward triangle icon, choose settings, then Blocking, then scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the names of any apps you don’t want to hear from.

3.    Stop apps from posting on your behalf.  In other words, if you don’t want to be known as the person who is always sending Candy Crush Saga requests, do this.  Click that downward triangle and choose Settings, Apps. Find the offending app in the list and choose Edit, then set the 'Visibility of app' field to Only me. It will still post to your wall, but only you will see those updates. 

4.    Limit who can see a post. Sometimes you don't want a specific friend to see a particular item that you're sharing. Perhaps you don't want your Grandma to see a photo of you diving off a cliff, or your boss to see a post in which you're telling the world you're looking for a new gig. Write up your status or add an image as you normally would, but before you hit post click the Friends drop-down before it. Choose More options. From here you can choose to share it with either a particular friends list, or you can click Custom to specify exactly who can and who can't see the update. 

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