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The long awaited Malwarebytes for Mac

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The long awaited Malwarebytes for Mac


Now Free Malwarebytes for Mac


This is a pretty cool product that Mac users have been wanting for a long time.

This is a free program that every Mac user should download.


The Business Edition is on the way as well!


It removes Adware- Adware is software that plants itself on your computer and automatically displays or downloads advertising material when you are online.  This is almost always unwanted.


It removes Malware-Malware is malicious software that is intended to disable your computer or cause damage. 


It is super easy to use- The download is fast and once this small program is on your system, there is one simple step.  Run the scan that searches for malware and adware, gives you information about what was found and then removes it for you.


I downloaded the program and honestly was having no problems with my new Macbook Air. I wanted the peace of mind of knowing there weren’t any lurking issues.  Nothing was found, but I feel better anyway.


It has a very small footprint on your Mac-


I am not paid in anyway from Malwarebytes.  This is just a great product!


Brian Soares

CEO WickedEasyFix


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