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Top 6 ways saving companies from tech issues

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Top 6 ways saving companies from tech issues

Top 6 ways saving companies from tech issues


Get the right help

Small business owners don’t have time to stay on top of their tech issues.  Through no fault of theirs, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything.


Many of these small business owners save their budget by short cutting tech solution.  Often, an employee knows just enough to keep the tech boat floating. 


Counting on big box tech also causes an issue.  They never work with the same tech twice and often these techs are new and much less educated than an IT pro.


In the long run, that boat that keeps getting patches will eventually sink and repeated sub-par fixes will cost more in time, money and lost business.


Retire old equipment

After Four years, your computer is going to start having issues.  That’s just the nature of the technology.  Instead of continually patching over and over and causing frustration for your staff, customers and causing downtime, replace the computer every four years.  Just make it part of your budget.  When you find a software that works, make it standard on all your company computers.  Keep components the same as much as possible.


Illegal software

Many businesses fall for this.  The Business Software Alliance has collected 81 million dollars from small business owners trying to sneak under the illegal software radar. When these software systems fail, trying to get them back up and running is difficult since the software is illegal to begin with.


FBI estimates

The FBI estimates that lack of small business security costs U.S. industry in excess of $400 billion. Just because you own a small business doesn’t mean your not a target.  Programs that have been created by hackers scrape the internet 24 hours a day looking for any system weakness from any company.

·     Use proven, trusted antivirus

·     Don’t allow personal email on company computers

·     Secure all wireless networks

·     Use business-class firewalls

·     Update operating systems with the latest security patches regularly

·     Use strong passwords


Back up your data

Back it up on site and offsite.  Most business shut down completely when their critical data is lost or unreachable.  Trying to recover data from damaged hard drives is very costly in time and money.

Make sure the correct data is actually being backed up and it is being backed up by a trusted provider.



More than half of all email is spam.  Just sifting through these costs a company time and money.  Using Network filtering software and server-based spam protection will fix this issue.

·     Ignore credit repair, get-rich-quick and other email.

·     Read the terms before giving anyone your email.

·     Review privacy policies


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