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Virus Threats on OS X...Your Mac!

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Virus Threats on OS X...Your Mac!

Why is the Apple OS X regarded as safer than Windows PCs to begin with? The reason is simply because they are affected by a lot fewer viruses and malware.  Apple has a number of virus and malware protection programs built right in. But it is time to start being a lot more careful!

Your Mac can get a virus and can be affected by malware and the chances are increasing that it will affect your system.  The fact is, OS X malware is not as advanced as Windows malware,  so we don’t hear about OS X problems as frequently.

I introduce Patrick Wardle. He is the director of research at Synack.  He’s a super bright guy and at a recent big Infiltrate hacking conference he basically taught everyone how to create great OS X malware. 

Why? He says, "My hope is to show how easy it is to create more advanced OS X malware to prod us along toward better security"


What can I do about it?

 Make sure your virus software is up and running.  This is your first line of defense.  I recommend Webroot because it is super quick to install, doesn’t slow your system down, is updated automatically on the web and is very low cost.

There are some great tools that PW developed on his blog that I loaded on my Mac.  You can find them here, Put these on your Mac .  They are free and will stop a lot of the foreseeable issues that PW talks about.


Persistently Installed Software

 This is a fancy name for malware.  It persistently installs itself every time your computer is restarted.  PW’s aptly named KnockKnock.app locates who is persistently knocking at your door.  Who’s there?

 I installed this on my Mac in just a minute and found no viruses.  Yahoo!

 You will also read about Dynamic Hijack Scanner and BlockBlock in the link above.  I installed both and recommend that you do as well.

 What about my iPhone and iPad?


There's a new Wi-Fi hack that sends iOS devices into an endless reboot cycle. This hack exploits iOS 8. This cycle can not be disconnected by the user.

Apple has included changes in iOS 8.3 that mitigates the exposure to the malware so it's important to upgrade your iPhones and iPads right away!


Hope you found this valuable!


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