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Watch out for the Password Scam

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Watch out for the Password Scam

It is pretty easy for someone to get your email address and phone number, and that is all they need to run this scam.


It is such a simple scam, but it works all the time.


Here’s how:

Let’s say someone logs into google and tries to login using your email but they put in the wrong password (because they don’t know it yet!)


Google will then send a text to your phone with a verification code.  The hacker also sends you a quick text pretending to be from Google.  They say someone is trying to access your site and you need to text the code they just sent you back.


It sounds legit and you text the code you just received back to the scammer.  Now they have your code and your email address. They use this to log into your site and add an email that forwards all your emails to them.  They are after your info.


This has been happening mostly on Google but can work with any other site that texts you the auth code. 


Avoid it:

This is an easy scam to avoid. If you get a text from a site that you didn’t request, then someone is trying to scam you.  Never text back verification codes!


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