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What criminals do with your old Android phone

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What criminals do with your old Android phone

What criminals do with your old Android phone


That’s right, they want you old android because it very likely has data they can use or sell.  There was a recent study done by Cambridge University that shows that the factory reset option, that is supposed to wipe away all data, leaves quite a bit behind.


So, right now there are millions (at least 500 million) Android phones out there that failed to completely wipe all data during factory reset according to Jennifer Abel of Consumer Affairs.


Last July a forensics team at Avast did an experiment on 20 Android phones they bought from eBay.  These 20 phones were factory reset by the owner before they sold them to Avast.  Using simple tools the team was able to extract thousands of photos, emails and personal information.


At this time there is not a way to truly erase all data from your Android phone.



What do I recommend?

Until things change, you might want to use your old Android as an alarm clock near your bed, or a music player for the gym or something else you designate it specifically for.  As for selling it on eBay to someone you don’t’ know….I don’t’ recommend it. 


Proof? (or just an excuse for me to mention Tom Brady in this article)

You’ve probably heard of "deflate gate” even if you aren’t a football fan.  This was the ongoing issue around the suspension of Tom Brady for knowing of the under pressurized footballs used in the AFC championship game. Well, Brady destroyed his phone containing over 10,000 text messages from the four-month period the phone was in use.  Evidently Brady didn’t trust the factory reset either!


The commissioner, Roger Goodell, said the fact that Brady destroyed his phone is evidence enough to uphold his decision to suspend Brady from the first four games of the new upcoming season for violating the league’s policy on integrity of the game.


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