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What every Windows user NEEDS to know about Windows 10…Just the Facts

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What every Windows user NEEDS to know about Windows 10…Just the Facts

What every Windows user NEEDS to know about Windows 10…Just the Facts


Windows 10 is the super buzz in the tech industry right now.  Here’s the scoop.

These are the questions people are asking and the facts that go with them.

Is Windows 10 a free upgrade?

Yes and No. 

If you have Windows 7, you need to install service pack 1 first.

If you have Windows 8, you need to upgrade to 8.1 (free in Windows store) then you are eligible for 10.

If you have Windows 8.1 you’re ready to upgrade.


Is Windows 10 the last upgrade for Windows?

They are skipping 9 to show how important 10 will be and although all signs are pointing toward the end of the Windows numbering system, they will still have security updates, fixes, new features etc…in future updates.  However, they are trying to present W10 more as a service, so it’s possible this will be the last number but it will remain business as usual.


What are the new features on Windows 10?

1.    The Start menu returns (Cheers from a large crowd)

This was one of the biggest complaints about Windows 8, but they listened and brought it back.  The start menu will have a power button at the top to hibernate, standby or shutdown. Also, a great search field at the bottom like W7 that will allow the look up of related Internet results.

2.    Digital assistant Cortana on the Desktop

Cortana has been getting a lot of press for "her” robust programming.  You can talk with her and use voice control so that you don’t have to lift your heavy fingers.  The uses of voice control are growing quickly. Search your hard drive, get photos by date, launch applications, and send email and more and more…

3.    Xbox, so you can goof off instead of getting your work done

Now you will be able to skip that "other” project you are supposed to be working on and play a game. (I’m not condoning this)

Play Xbox 1 games by streaming through your home network.  Due to the use of DirectX 12 support, the graphics, performance and speed makes this a smooth gaming experience.  You’ll be able to join your friends in games across Windows 10.

4.    New Project Spartan browser

New features include PDF support, a reading mode that improves the layout of long articles. There is a cool note-taking feature that lets you scribble on any page and share your comments with your friends through social networks using a slide-in menu so you won’t have to leave the browser.

Project Spartan will feature Cortana support within the browser, so she can pull contextual information from the sites you’re on to do things like navigate to a restaurant you’re looking up or pull up an upcoming flight time without having to go into your email.  The uses of voice control are in its infancy but rapidly becoming THE way to navigate.

5.    Multiple desktops

This is a cool feature like what Apple does with Spaces on OS X.  It has great potential but hasn’t been utilized, mostly because people don’t know about it.  Think of it like setting up separate desktop computers, one for your home or family stuff, one for work stuff etc.…

6.    Easier switch between laptop/tablet device modes.

There are more devices showing up that have a detachable keyboard and the new W10 will recognize if you have a keyboard or mouse plugged in.  Then it will automatically reorganize the look and feel of the desktop to fit your "modus operendi”

7.    W10 takes up less drive space.

What? How? It’s true; it will take up a lot less space.  They redesigned Windows to no longer use separate recovery images in order to bring Windows back to factory state.  This reduces the storage footprint from 4-12GB.  The new Windows 10 also compresses system files to give back 1.5-2.6 GB of storage, 32-bit and 64-bit respectively.

8.    Don’t worry about all those passwords

Microsoft now supports FIDO, Fast Online Identity.  This will allow password free sign-on for many applications.  This is sure to become a bigger deal as other heavy hitters like Google are looking at it as well.

9.    Recycle Bin on the taskbar

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but let it sink in. Add the Recycle bin to both the taskbar and the Start menu.  No more moving things around and trying to find the recycle bin. Yey!

And there you have it! That’s the skinny on Windows 10.

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