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Which is the best PC browser? How do I choose a browser?

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Which is the best PC browser? How do I choose a browser?

You don’t have to stick with the browser that came on your computer.  With other choices out there to fit the look and feel you like, why settle?

You can download any of the top five browsers and play with them yourself to see which you like the best.

I looked at a bunch of info on each of these PC browsers and here is the result:

  • Much faster than it used to be
  • Cool customizations
  • New look 

  • Works with loads of google apps
  • Very similar to Firefox
  • If you like the look and feel of Firefox, Chrome might be a better choice
  • Html loading speed is better than Firefox
  • Chrome no longer holds a big lead on speed like it used to

  • It has morphed into a completely new machine over the past 5 years
  • Falls behind Chrome, Firefox and Opera for html loading speed
  • It has become a fairly lean machine

  • Still considered one of the newer kids on the block
  • Big advantage is that it compresses pages by up to 80% so they load super fast
  • Great for slow internet connection homes
  • Some say content compressed too much, missing some stuff, but wicked fast

  • Another new kid
  • Built on Chrome platform
  • Comes with a bunch of apps built in so you don’t need to find or download them
  • If you like customization, this might be the browser for you

Here are a some ratings from a couple of fairly trusted sights to help you out.

Firefox 5 stars
Chrome 5 stars
Explorer 3 stars
Opera 3 stars
Torch 3 stars

PC Advisor
Firefox 4 stars
Chrome 4.5 stars
Explorer 4 stars
Opera 3.5 stars
Torch 3.5 stars

It looks like, the top two are Firefox and Chrome.  I personally use Chrome and Safari on my Mac.  I have tried them all and these seem to fit what I like (for now.)

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