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Who is my go-to computer and tech fix it person?

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Who is my go-to computer and tech fix it person?

Has this happened to you? My computer has issues and I don’t know what is causing the problem, but I know for sure that it was running a lot better when I first turned it on.  I remember how amazed I was at how fast it worked and how quickly screens clicked open when I selected different icons on my desktop.

My neighbor’s son came over the house last time and got it working like new again, but I feel like I am imposing every time I ask for his help.  I know he feels trapped but says its no problem.  When I try to pay him he says not to be silly.


Let’s face it, we all need computers and technology and counting on someone to do freebee favors and free fixes is not the best system to have in place for our home tech troubleshooting.


So, back to our original question, "Who is my go-to computer and tech fix it person?” 

You are looking for these four qualities:

1.    Someone who answers the phone with out keeping me on hold for 10 minutes every time I call.

2.    Someone who knows what they are talking about and can get my stuff working quickly.

3.    Someone who speaks clear non-techy English.

4.    Someone with a fair price that I don’t mind paying when I get good service.


Here are our ratings on 5 companies who have all four of these requirements


Using online tech support services saves you time, money and sanity. Get expert knowledge without having to put an expert on your company’s payroll…

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