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Why is my Dell computer so slow?

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Why is my Dell computer so slow?

You better be careful when you search how to fix problems with your computer on the internet. You will get thousands of answers.  First check the date on the answer.  Since everything stays on the internet, you could be reading a solution that is 5 years old. 

Since windows 8 and 8.2 are new, my guess is that most of the people viewing this blog have Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

First, remove any programs that you don’t use any longer (on a regular basis).  This is not the time to get sentimental. You need to get used to deleting unused programs.  Collecting programs is not a good habit to get into.

Remove programs on:
Windows XP: Open the windows control panel, then open Add or Remove Programs. To increase the speed in your Dell computer, remove (uninstall) as many programs as possible, however, even one will make a difference.
Windows Vista and Windows 7:  Open the windows control panel, then open Programs and Features.  Once again remove (uninstall) your collection of unused programs.

Disc Cleanup:
Another way to speed up your Dell Computer is to use Disc Cleanup.  Open your Start menu and go to your Accessories folder.  Click on System Tools and you will see Disc Cleanup.  

Once you have removed programs and cleaned up your disc on your Dell, you will want to defragment.  Think of it like reorganizing your sock draw. It makes everything neat, it's and easier to get to your favorite socks.
Open your Start menu and go to your Accessories folder then click on System Tools. You will see Disc Defragmenter there. Click on your hard drive and click defragment.

If you need help with any of this, just give us a call at www.wickedeasyfix.com 888-285-9195

*When you are looking for programs to uninstall, add these to your list.  They come preinstalled and you don’t need them.
Corel Paint
URL Assistant
Modem Helper
Google Desktop

**Install a good Virus program that doesn’t add to slowing your system down.  We recommend Webroot.  It is the smallest program on the market for virus removal because all the virus data is housed on the web.  WickedEasyFix has a great deal on this program….even better than going directly to Webroot.

As always, call us or chat with us at www.WickedEasyFix.com.
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