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iPhone and iPad viruses are here!

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iPhone and iPad viruses are here!

iPhone and iPad viruses are here!


It was only a matter of time.  People spend so much time on these devices, hackers go where the people go.


Think about what they can find in your email. There is certainly enough info flowing through there for someone to steal your identity.


The most recent was the Xsser.  This was a link disguised as an app in Hong Kong.  It was sent to WhatsApp users which is a super popular messaging app in Asia and it’s gaining quick adoption here in the US.


The idea is for the hackers to gain your trust by sending you a download for a specific, well known event.  In Hong Kong is was for an organized protest.  In the US it could be for a big football game or concert event or basically anything that sounds legit to the person receiving the text message.  The user sees a download link on their phone saying "download link to follow the big UFC fight on Saturday”…and they do.


Now the hackers have complete access to the phone!


If you find apps, that previously ran pristine, acting weird.  By weird, I mean freezing up, crashing or other strange visuals.  It is possible that you have downloaded one of these IOS viruses.   Now, don’t get crazy here!  IOS viruses are still fairly rare but they are proliferating.


If you think you’ve been hacked.


1  Use iCloud to back up your device and all personal data on it

2  Go to Settings > General > Reset

3  Tap "Erase All Content and Settings” to clear all apps and data from the device

4  Restart your iOS device and set it up again

5  Sign into iCloud when you set up your iOS device and restore your backed up data

If needed, download your apps again from the App Store

 Source: Reuters

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